Important Q & RuroBat/Plot Bunny Update…

Okay, first of all – the important question (which actually applies to Rurouni Battôsai, as it happens):
What’s a good restriction on the length of an entry/LJ-Cut?

To explain… the Prologue to Rurouni Battôsai is 5-1/2 pages long. So far, Chapter 1 is 12+ pages long, and it’s about 2/3 done (which, BTW, is part of the update mentioned in the subject…). So, do I post the entirety of Chp. 1 in one journal entry, or do I split it up so that the entries aren’t too long?

As for the rest of the update… Well, as mentioned in Friday’s entry, Saitou was being difficult, but finally started cooperating. I’d meant to get quite a bit written Saturday at work, but first I got distracted by The Japanese Experience: A Short History of Japan by W. G. Beasley (review coming when I finish)… and then Kenshin decided that since Saitou got to be difficult earlier, it was now his turn.

I finally got him cooperating with about an hour left of my shift… and neither of them has left me alone since then. (Which is how I’ve managed to get 7 pages written over the past 25 hours.) So I’m hoping that Chp. 1 will be done very soon…

2 thoughts on “Important Q & RuroBat/Plot Bunny Update…

  1. I think that LJ itself tends to cut you off after a certain amount of text. I don’t think I’ve gone over 12 pages, but I type in 14 and double space so I can read it.

  2. Okay, so looks like I’m going to have to split it up (I type single-space). Just as well… *tag snickers evilly* I’ll increase the anticipation that way!

    Anyway, currently working on the Saitou/Kenshin confrontation in the dojo… Hoping to get Chp. 1 finished by the end of my shift tonight.

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