Jaw Joints & Migraines…

Ugh. Feel miserable.

You see, I have TMJ – Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome. What that means is that there’s a problem with the joint between my upper and lower jaw (the one just in front of the ears) – specifically, in my case (the osteo-arthritis type) the sac that cushions the area where the bones join is pierced. On both sides.

What that means is that even with anti-inflammatories, I get nasty headaches sometimes. And unfortunately, the past couple of days, the weather has not been helping – meaning that shortly after I arrived in at work last night, I ended up with a migraine. Thankfully, my supervisor happens to be very understanding, so not only could I manage the minimum effort (that I like to give – I still do most of it) in terms of patrols, but when she arrived in (which she generally does 45 minutes before the end of my shift), she just got a quick cup of coffee and let me go over 30 minutes early.

And since the time has now arrived when I can take more painkillers (last ones were around 5:20 am), I am going to do so, and then head to bed. *sigh* And I’d really hoped to go over Chp. 1 of RuroBatt during my shift…

Oh well. Here’s hoping sleep and Robaxisal (painkiller/muscle relaxant) will help it go away – or at least reduce it to where I can function without problems.

Sorry – had to get some of that off my chest. LJs seem to be fairly good for that, actually.

Later, all…

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5 thoughts on “Jaw Joints & Migraines…

  1. Owchie! **winces in sympathy** I know all too well how simply awful migraines can be.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. It really sucks being under the weather and in pain.

    I remember what it’s like having troubles with the jaw…I don’t have the same problem as you, mind you, but it’s horrible enough all the same. My jaw likes to dislocate randomly…last I ended up in emergency ’cause it stuck in an open position. -_-; Can we say “Big Mouth Bass”? >.<

    Anyhoo, as I said, I hope you feel better soon. **hugs**

    Take care!



  2. 🙁

    I sometimes get horrible sinusy headaches where I basically am stopped dead in my tracks for about two days, so I can sympathize. Hope you feel better!

  3. Get better soon!


    I’m sure the next few days won’t help, either, the low tonight going to 9 C. last I looked, and the high tomorrow being 12, then back into -6 and worse.

    Yes, you *do* know who this is.

  4. Re: Get better soon!

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… I’m dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying!!! (think Bugs Bunny).

    I was going to ask where you are, that it’s so freezing, but I’ve read tag’s latest post. The prairies, that explains it!

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