Storage Iron, BP, and Exercise

Just came back from my visit to the doctor (GP). During said visit, I was informed that “storage iron” was not what I thought it was. It turns out it has nothing to do with low iron anemia, the way I thought it did. It’s the reserves of iron in one’s system, and only makes a difference for things like emergency surgery and the like. So, yeah, diet can get to work on that.

With the blood pressure medication I’m on now (Olmetec), my BP is normal; the GP took it and it was 100/70 (you want it to be 120 or less over 80 or less). Yay for normal, but not happy at the thought that I probably have to continue taking the medication. *sighs*

And I’ve been told that to get over the tiredness, I need aerobic exercise. (Well, I think some of it is still depression, but….) So, Dad and I are going to work at taking Sanchy out for more walks. The weather’s getting better (though it was cold today, despite the sun and blue skies… or maybe because of them), so those ought to be more pleasant than Mom’s Saturday walks in the middle of winter. (No matter how much Sanchy enjoyed those as well.) I imagine we’ll probably go to Long Pond (aka the Fluvarium area / Pippy’s Park) again; that’s a nice trail and quite enjoyable. Time to start warming up for that on the treadmill!

‘Later, all!

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  1. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((tag))))))))))))))))))))))))))) about the blood pressure and having to take medication. I hope the walking will help and you’ll be able to come off the bp medication when you get into a routine. I just had to get blood work done too but luckily, everything was okay (have to keep an eye on the thyroid since that’s gone wonky, going both over the normal number [that’s the really dangerous one] and gone down to the bottom of the normal range [go lower and it’s pills for life; sis has that]).

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