RuroBatt, TMJ/Weather. & OK, What Planet Are Our IT Guys From?!

First things first – the update on Rurouni Battôsai:

I will be re-posting a revised version of the prologue within the next few days; I’ve made several small/subtle changes to it that are nonetheless important for what follows (after I discovered that the last scene of Chp. 1 had some… ‘problems’…). With any luck, the beginning of Chp. 1 should follow soon afterwards.

Okay, next it’s time for the first of my rants – [CENSORED] TMJ, migraines, and the weather… (Complaining here means that I tend to complain less out loud, which is all to the good, because it also reduces the self-pity factor.)

Migraine has been in existence since last Tuesday night. It seemed to be getting all right Sunday – but then when I woke up Sunday night to go to work, it started with the negative effects on my stomach (not fun). It’s not that I feel that I’m about to throw up, it’s more a semi-mild queasiness, but that reduces my appetite and my energy enough that it makes everything feel worse. So tonight I’m going to try Egyptian Liquorice tea – it’s worked to help settle my stomach before, and I’m hoping it’ll help again. Certainly better than regular tea, which – although the caffeine seems to help with the pain from the migraine – requires milk to be palatable.

What makes tonight worse is the weather. It’s currently about -19C actual temperature-wise – with the windchill, that’s down to -31C. While it’s not as bad as out on the Prairies (*shivers and waves at chiruken*), it’s still quite nasty; and as mentioned below, my type of TMJ (there are two main types, accident & osteo-arthritis, with ‘accident’ having two sub-types) is the osteo-arthritis type. Cold is bad for arthritis. And it doesn’t help that to try to keep warm, I’ve got two layers (my hat flaps and my hood) on over the joint, because that puts pressure on it, and considering that’s what the majority of the pain directly at the joint feels like… Well, I’m sure you get the picture. *sigh* Okay, this rant is now over.

On to the stupidities of IT…

As the subject says, I would really like to know what planet our IT guys come from.

Our (Security’s) computer at work has always had the occasional problem, but last week it was slowed down so badly that it was causing serious problems with part of doing our job. So me being the at least semi-technical savvy person that I am, I went into the Task Manager (yes, *sigh*, we have to use Windoze at work) and checked the processes and the performance ratings – only to find that the CPU was working at 100% capacity, and – are you ready for it? – there were two (count ’em, TWO) copies of Windows running. So, of course, I call down to IT and leave them a message, and let my supervisor know what I found out when she comes in in the morning.

Get to work Sunday night, read through the log book, and blink at the entry concerning the computer. Re-read it. No change. Re-read a third time to be certain.

Apparently (this is what the IT guys said), the computer has a virus that occurred at installation because Windows wasn’t installed properly. As a result, we have to get a new computer.


My immediate reaction to this? Worst-case scenario: copy the documents and data to a CD, or to the server, re-format the hard drive, and re-install Windows. But no, we have to get a completely new computer.

*shakes head and sighs*

I don’t think much of our IT department – and this has sent my opinion plummeting down to the basement.

Anyway, to those who have managed to read this far – I count myself amazed. Wasn’t sure my rants were that interesting…

Hope everyone’s having a good day…

More on RuroKen, Shinsengumi, Plot Bunnies, and Life…

Well, I just received Vol. 8 of the RuroKen manga today… So far, I’d have to say that this volume is where the manga and the anime are the closest, not only in events, but in a great deal of the dialogue as well. The manga volume ends about halfway through the last episode on the anime DVD volume, however… (Which means that yours truly has to wait until Vol. 9 is released to read more Kenshin & Saitou interaction… *pout*)

On to the next topic…

If anyone reading this knows French at least semi-fluently and is interested in the Shinsengumi, you’re in luck! Remember some entries down I provided the link to the English Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi? Well, I was re-reading it a few days ago, and noticed that it was also available in French (as well as Japanese, of course, and what I believe is Russian). So I decided to check out the French Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi – and was very glad that I did. Although this entry starts out appearing basically the same as the English one, it turns out to have a great many more details on the history of the Shinsengumi, from what led up to their formation to the final battle of the Shinsengumi, when Hijikata Toshizou was killed; as well as information on the political infighting that plagued the group throughout their existence. Highly recommended if you understand French and want more of the above details.

As for Plot Bunnies… Well, for the RK story, Saitou has finally stopped being difficult, and Chp. 1 is about 1/3 finished (it’s currently about 1 pg shorter than the prologue). The two Plot Bunnies in question (red fur amber-eyed with sakabatou and black fur yellow-eyed with a distinctly wolfish look and a katana) still have the blockade set up so no other Bunnies can get through to me, however…

And as for life in general… tomorrow is the last Saturday I have to work! And the main reason I’m working it this week is to help finish training our new weekend person… So next week, I’m back to just my regular shifts, with my full weekend available! (At which point I may actually manage to get around to watching PeaceMaker Kurogane, graciously lent last month by hethosus…)

Weather & RK Story continued…

Well, it’s still raining. And despite what the Weather Network says, I wouldn’t call it a “light rain”.

On the plus side, it’s about 8C… (approx. 64F).

Onto chatting about my latest obsession – the red-furred, amber-eyed Plot Bunny who has taken over my creative faculties…

I was checking out some information for said story online – mainly about the Shinsengumi (I needed Okita’s first name – which it turns out is Souji or Soushi), and found a link for the Wikipedia info on the Shinsengumi, which also included a link to details about Saitou Hajime. Making the assumption that the information on there is correct, Watsuki (the author of “Rurouni Kenshin”) seems to have used accurate historical facts – including Saitou’s alias while working with the police. Quite interesting.

Edited 08:26: Forgot to mention this with regards to the Shinsengumi: apparently, calling them ‘Wolves of Mibu’ was an insult, based on the behaviour of some of the original captains that the people of Kyoto found unacceptable.

And it looks like I’m definitely going to finish the prologue this morning before I head to bed.

Later, all!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Did you know that wet ice can be much more dangerous than dry – well, non-wet – ice?

Yes, it’s another of my weather rants.

It has been pouring with rain since I left for work 4-1/2 hours ago, and has not stopped. And unfortunately, the ice (left over from the freezing rain early last week) around the school grounds – where I have to walk on my exterior patrol – has not yet melted completely. I think in the past two weeks I’ve almost slipped twice – tonight on patrol, I almost slipped (in fact, came very close to slipping) a total of about 8 to 10 times. Not fun.

On the other hand, writing isn’t going too badly. I’m almost finished the prologue of the story mentioned in my previous post – and as soon as Vathara approves it, it will be going up here for comments. Because it’s going to be rather unique in Rurouni Kenshin ficdom, I’d like opinions on it before I post to FF.Net.

Off to make myself a nice, hot drink, and then continue watching the cameras and writing…

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

And there is currently a red-furred bunny with amber eyes and a reverse-blade sword hopping around my Plot Bunny Corral, insisting that I get this first story in my new fandom written…

I blame Vathara – lucky me has been getting to do some beta-ing on a bunch of her latest inspirations; and trust me, there’s a lot of RuroKen! Of course, this particular bunny of mine is rather different; in fact, I think it’s fairly different than any other RuroKen story I’ve seen out there. For one thing, as far as I’m aware, the level of romance in this story will be zero, which pretty much makes it fairly unique…

For anyone who is interested, here is a basic summary of what the Plot Bunny (the aforementioned amber-eyed red one) has let me know so far:

Basic Summary – Spoilers!

Who Would Have Guessed…

Being on a creative high (like I have been all night at work – and, in fact, all evening before work as well) really brightens my mood immensely. (Check out my current mood to see what I mean!) *G*

Oh, I’m having a great time! For the first time since July, Liam is actually cooperating with me, so – while I won’t get Eye of the Storm finished by the end of November (as I’d originally really, really hoped I would), I may just get it done by the end of December… which still leaves me 4-1/2 months to get the novel sequel written in order to have Dreams, Memories & Truths Vol. II ready for MediaWest*Con 2005. Hey, I can do it – I managed to finish In Search of the Truth (novel prequel to Eye of the Storm) in 4 months, after all…

Yeah, I think my current mood is pretty obvious, don’t you? *G*

The Musae Are Back!

And Liam and Sandoval are yelling, thank goodness…

I can’t seem to stop smiling, even though I’m rewriting almost all of Pt. 13 of Eye of the Storm – but hey, it’s likely to lead to me actually getting Pt. 14 started, so that’s all to the good, right?

Off to do a bit of re-reading (to remind myself of some details) before going on to get work done…

*Up pops a sign, held by a chibi-Liam: Don’t Disturb The Writer*

*Abruptly another sign is thrust in front of the first, held by tag herself: Responses to this Post Won’t Disturb the Writer*


Bardd’s Tales

Shh! What comes next is a sekrit!

Well, I’ve set up a new LiveJournal for my slash writer identity, bardd; it’s going to be mainly for updates. I’m currently working on one of the stories I’m putting in for the Slash Advent Calendar under that ID.

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CPR, AED, Cats, And Rec Pages

Just general posting here… Had to do a CPR refresher & AED training course today, for work (AED: basically the public defibrillators that are in malls, rec centres, municipal buildings, etc.). The trainer kept things interesting, and I actually didn’t mind taking time out of my day to do it.

Got home, and figured it was very definitely time to trim the cats’ claws. Mitzy was, as usual, fairly complacent about it (well, as complacent as she ever gets about my hands manipulating her paws). Aspen (the newest: two-year old stray acquired from the Toronto Humane Society on July 30th), whose last claw trimming was the week I brought her home, and took two days and four attempts, objected semi-violently to me doing her first paw. After that, however, it went surprisingly smoothly – especially considering that Aspen is not a lap cat. So I have reasonable hopes for the next time I have to do it.

I then found out that my long (most likely novel-length) Harry Potter WIP, Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift, has been added to a rec page of Snape/Harry Mentor, Guardian, Father/Son, Master/Apprentice, etc. stories, with a rating by the site owner of 5 chocolate frogs (her highest)! Found myself extremely flattered by that. If anyone’s interested, the rec page URL is Potions and Snitches, and my story is available at my Fanfiction.Net account – t.a.g.0, or directly at Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift.

Corralling the Musae

AKA: I have too many stories in too many fandoms on the go right now, and am having difficulty focusing…

HELP! Suggestions for assistance in focusing would be more than welcome, particularly as some of said stories have rapidly approaching deadlines…

*Hiding at the far end of the Plot Bunny Corral and trying to gag Saito and Methos while getting Liam and Heero to focus on telling me what’s going on (as opposed to discussing ‘what defines one as normal/human’ with each other)…*