RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 4

Early Christmas present! (Oh, and the first three chapters will be edited over the next week.)

Here’s Chp. 4 of RuroSen: A Strange Partnership, in which we have arguing, a lot more brooding, and an unexpected visitor….

[Minor Edits: Wed. Jan. 24/07.]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 3

Here’s Chp. 3 of RuroSen: A Strange Partnership, in which Saitō broods, Kenshin broods, and Kurosaka wonders what the heck is going on.

[Minor Edits: Wed. Jan. 24/07.]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 2

And now, Chp. 2 of RuroSen: A Strange Partnership, in which Saitō and Kenshin have their first of many conversations (or should that be confrontations? *g*) about things, and we find out a bit about what Hiko has to do with things. Oh, and the Sentinel/Guide instincts continue to act… and Saitō experiences still more disturbing revelations. *EG*

[Minor Edits: Fri. June 06/07.]

Chapter 1

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RK Fic: RS #1 A Strange Partnership – Chp. 1

Okay, finally fairly pleased with what I have written so far of RuroSen…. Sorry it’s taken so long! It’s been a busy week…. (Hope all my fellow Canadians are enjoying their Thanksgiving….)

Please note that this is a Rurouni Kenshin/The Sentinel crossover (Vathara’s Crossover Commando somehow found his way into my Plot Bunny Corral, and Saitō and Kenshin actually let him in). It is the first story in a series that will have at least one sequel, and a short prologue that I’m also working on….

[Minor Edits: Wed. Jan. 24/07.]

RuroSen1: A Strange Partnership – Author’s Notes – Read Me First!

RuroKen Haiku

Was in the middle of working on Chp. 3 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade (which is almost finished) early this morning at work when I suddenly ended up with a haiku in my head.

It focuses on the moment Saitô and Battôsai face off against each other in the Kamiya dojo, and applies equally well to canon or to RuroBatt.

Let me know what you think!

“Wolf-golden eyes meet
dragon amber; all is still–
swords clash in battle.”

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RuroKen Fans (& Fans of Vathara’s Writing) Note…

Guess what? Vathara’s done it again…

No, I’m afraid it’s not the next Urban Legends… but trust me, you won’t be sorry reading it!

I would like to introduce a new massive crossover by Vathara:

Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day: Ethan’s Halloween costume chaos… backfires. Multiple crossover Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Pet Shop of Horrors among others. Many others. Be afraid….

AKA Kenshin meets Buffy meets Inuyasha meets Gundam Wing meets Jedi meets comics… *Very Evil Snicker*

This one is highly recommended; it has the adventure and drama of Vathara’s best stories, mixed in with the humour she adds so subtly and so well…

(Can you tell I love this particular story? *G*)

Later, all!

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More on RuroKen, Shinsengumi, Plot Bunnies, and Life…

Well, I just received Vol. 8 of the RuroKen manga today… So far, I’d have to say that this volume is where the manga and the anime are the closest, not only in events, but in a great deal of the dialogue as well. The manga volume ends about halfway through the last episode on the anime DVD volume, however… (Which means that yours truly has to wait until Vol. 9 is released to read more Kenshin & Saitou interaction… *pout*)

On to the next topic…

If anyone reading this knows French at least semi-fluently and is interested in the Shinsengumi, you’re in luck! Remember some entries down I provided the link to the English Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi? Well, I was re-reading it a few days ago, and noticed that it was also available in French (as well as Japanese, of course, and what I believe is Russian). So I decided to check out the French Wikipedia entry on the Shinsengumi – and was very glad that I did. Although this entry starts out appearing basically the same as the English one, it turns out to have a great many more details on the history of the Shinsengumi, from what led up to their formation to the final battle of the Shinsengumi, when Hijikata Toshizou was killed; as well as information on the political infighting that plagued the group throughout their existence. Highly recommended if you understand French and want more of the above details.

As for Plot Bunnies… Well, for the RK story, Saitou has finally stopped being difficult, and Chp. 1 is about 1/3 finished (it’s currently about 1 pg shorter than the prologue). The two Plot Bunnies in question (red fur amber-eyed with sakabatou and black fur yellow-eyed with a distinctly wolfish look and a katana) still have the blockade set up so no other Bunnies can get through to me, however…

And as for life in general… tomorrow is the last Saturday I have to work! And the main reason I’m working it this week is to help finish training our new weekend person… So next week, I’m back to just my regular shifts, with my full weekend available! (At which point I may actually manage to get around to watching PeaceMaker Kurogane, graciously lent last month by hethosus…)

Weather & RK Story continued…

Well, it’s still raining. And despite what the Weather Network says, I wouldn’t call it a “light rain”.

On the plus side, it’s about 8C… (approx. 64F).

Onto chatting about my latest obsession – the red-furred, amber-eyed Plot Bunny who has taken over my creative faculties…

I was checking out some information for said story online – mainly about the Shinsengumi (I needed Okita’s first name – which it turns out is Souji or Soushi), and found a link for the Wikipedia info on the Shinsengumi, which also included a link to details about Saitou Hajime. Making the assumption that the information on there is correct, Watsuki (the author of “Rurouni Kenshin”) seems to have used accurate historical facts – including Saitou’s alias while working with the police. Quite interesting.

Edited 08:26: Forgot to mention this with regards to the Shinsengumi: apparently, calling them ‘Wolves of Mibu’ was an insult, based on the behaviour of some of the original captains that the people of Kyoto found unacceptable.

And it looks like I’m definitely going to finish the prologue this morning before I head to bed.

Later, all!

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

And there is currently a red-furred bunny with amber eyes and a reverse-blade sword hopping around my Plot Bunny Corral, insisting that I get this first story in my new fandom written…

I blame Vathara – lucky me has been getting to do some beta-ing on a bunch of her latest inspirations; and trust me, there’s a lot of RuroKen! Of course, this particular bunny of mine is rather different; in fact, I think it’s fairly different than any other RuroKen story I’ve seen out there. For one thing, as far as I’m aware, the level of romance in this story will be zero, which pretty much makes it fairly unique…

For anyone who is interested, here is a basic summary of what the Plot Bunny (the aforementioned amber-eyed red one) has let me know so far:

Basic Summary – Spoilers!