Weather & RK Story continued…

Well, it’s still raining. And despite what the Weather Network says, I wouldn’t call it a “light rain”.

On the plus side, it’s about 8C… (approx. 64F).

Onto chatting about my latest obsession – the red-furred, amber-eyed Plot Bunny who has taken over my creative faculties…

I was checking out some information for said story online – mainly about the Shinsengumi (I needed Okita’s first name – which it turns out is Souji or Soushi), and found a link for the Wikipedia info on the Shinsengumi, which also included a link to details about Saitou Hajime. Making the assumption that the information on there is correct, Watsuki (the author of “Rurouni Kenshin”) seems to have used accurate historical facts – including Saitou’s alias while working with the police. Quite interesting.

Edited 08:26: Forgot to mention this with regards to the Shinsengumi: apparently, calling them ‘Wolves of Mibu’ was an insult, based on the behaviour of some of the original captains that the people of Kyoto found unacceptable.

And it looks like I’m definitely going to finish the prologue this morning before I head to bed.

Later, all!

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