Busy Week

Well, looks like I’m due to have a very busy week.

There’s work, of course: My usual overnight shifts going from Sunday night to Friday morning, plus the 12-hr Saturday shifts I’m doing this month until the beginning of January (i.e. working 6 days a week).

Then there’s friends (which is a good thing, considering I haven’t been seeing most of them for a while): Just had dinner with the TorFen (Toronto Fen) group, which includes my fellow members of Blackfly Presses (Canadian fanfic zine publishing! *G*). Then on Sunday afternoon, I’m getting together with my monthly get-together group of SF fans (none of whom I’ve seen since Toronto Trek last July). So that’ll be busy.

And one can’t forget family, especially considering the season: I’m taking my cousin out for a belated birthday dinner on Friday night, and then I have the regular brunch with my aunts, sister, and cousin Sunday morning…

And that doesn’t even mention the writing I’m trying to get done.

Yes, it’s going to be a busy, busy week. But I’m rather looking forward to it…

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