Holiday Shopping: Pt. 1

Well, I’ve just got back from work and holiday shopping…

Managed to get about half my list taken care of today, astonishingly enough, and I know most of the rest of what I’m going to be getting. This is… astonishing, frankly. I tend to be very much a last-minute shopper – if not a late shopper. And I’m even going to manage to – *gasp* – send out Christmas cards!

And now, well… I’m exhausted, and my feet hurt, but I feel quite pleased with myself.

One more regular shift tonight, then tomorrow evening dinner with my cousin and more shopping, then my 12-hr. shift on Saturday (which will include a department get-together/Kris Kringle – I’m looking forward to that), then brunch Sunday morning, getting together with friends Sunday afternoon, and then my next week starts Sunday night… but altogether, I’m feeling good.

Later, all!

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