Cats, Weather, & Walking

Well, I ended up in a much better mood about an hour after my last entry, thanks to some fic. Good fic is a cure for a lot of things.

This is just basically a ramble… I just got home and am in a bit of weird mood.

Aspen-Cuddles are officially a success! She’s looking for them every day or two, and when I picked her up a few minutes ago to give her one of said cuddles, she started purring before I had her against my chest! In other words, she was still in the air! So pleased about that…

Weather… well, what can I say about the weather, other than the fact that it sucks? Although at least it’s actually being consistent: It snowed yesterday, and was originally supposed to be going up to 7 degrees Celsius today. (Okay, just heard that it’s supposed to now eventually go up to 8, not 7…) This morning it was snowing. *shakes head*

And I wonder why I always tend to like to walk in the winter, considering that I hate the cold as much as I hate Toronto’s summer heat? I walked the 25-minute walk to the subway station both yesterday and today, rather than taking the bus (which comes every 5-9 minutes between 7 and 8 am), which is about a 6-minute ride. (See note above concerning weather.) *shakes head again* There are times when I really don’t understand myself…

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