New Year: 2014

So, it’s the new year. Happy 2014, everyone!

And yes, I know – I haven’t updated since the end of November. There are a few reasons for this.

#1: I spent the last two weeks of November, and the second week of December dealing with agonizing headaches (which my bite-plate, which I got on the 17th to help stop my teeth grinding at night, managed to resolve nicely), and the first week of December dealing with a cold (and sinus headaches). Bleh. And while I might use this blog to vent occasionally about things, I don’t really like complaining to everyone. No one really wants to read a post full of complaints anyway! 🙂

#2: Starting to make arrangements for the New Year. I’m moving into a “boarding house” / “independent living help” program, run by Eastern Health, in the second week of January. Had a couple of interviews, and such, throughout the month. I’m looking forward to it; the goal is to help “high-functioning” adults with mental disabilities of some sort or another (please note: high-functioning, in this case, is not the “old” HF term applied to autistics who have speech; it simply means that those who participate are likely to be able to live independently, once they’ve received some help in learning / establishing various necessary skills) learn said necessary skills, and then move them on to apartments when ready (and when an apartment becomes available, which in some cases, is the defining criterion of the time spent in that first step of the program). The only problem is that I won’t be able to take Imber with me – they don’t allow pets, for a variety of reasons including allergies – so she’ll have to stay at the house. But I’ll be coming back every weekend to spend time with the parents and her, so all’s reasonable!

#3: Christmas! I’m… meh, maybe, about Christmas at this point – it’s definitely become more about family as I’ve aged, as opposed to “fun and games and family and presents”. We had one of my aunt’s parties on the 24th, and then Christmas Day was spent quietly, with calls to my siblings (and their children), my aunt in TO, and my (step-)grandmother (yes, I’ve got three grandmothers. I was always very smug about that as a kid! :)), and reading one of my Christmas presents (a long fantasy novel that I couldn’t bring my copy of when I moved from TO – I quite missed it!).

#4: Meeting my youngest nephew! My middle sister brought her youngest son down from Halifax on Boxing Day (AKA St. Stephen’s Day, or Dec. 26th), and stayed until New Year’s Eve. It was really great meeting Milo – he’s a very sociable kid, pleasant moods (for the most part – he was a bit cranky sometimes because of teething), and he was happy to come to Auntie Trudy for cuddles and giggles and attention. 🙂 We also had a party at the house on the 27th so that all the aunts, uncles and cousins who were here could have the chance to meet Milo (and see my sister for the first time in 1-1/2 years).

#5: Yesterday, we got caught in the blackout caused by the fire at the Sunnyside Power Plant as a result of the blizzard that struck southern NL Friday night. Fun. We had no power from 09:00 hrs. NST (when the fire happened) to 22:08 hrs. NST – I was actually in the middle of an email to Vathara on my cell when the power came back on. (Even now, while the power is officially restored to the St. John’s / CBS / Mount Pearl / North-East Avalon / Southern Shore and vicinity area, there are still rolling blackouts going on, because power isn’t fully restored across the island.) Not to mention the generator loads – the rolling blackouts (AKA brownouts) started on Thursday. (Our block was actually in the middle of a brownout when the fire happened, so really, we didn’t have power from about 08:15 hrs. or so.) Luckily, our neighbours across the street (whose children my brother’s daughter played with more than once when they lived here in NL, and who got power back about 5 hours before we did) were kind enough to invite us over for hot tea and warmth at about 18:30 hrs. or so, which helped immensely.

So, that’s a basic update of the last month and a wee bit.

And, if you’re curious, here are the 2013 stats of what’s been going on with this blog since I moved it from LJ!

‘Later, all!

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