Scrappy- & Aspen-Cuddles

Don’t know whether my family remembers how I got Scrapper – our large male cat who (at the time) disdained both laps and being lifted, and who now lives with my parents in Costa Rica and fights with Mouse and the new kittens over possession of their laps – to enjoy being picked up and hugged, but I seem to have worked my magic on Aspen as well.

Aspen, who will not settle on a lap (though she doesn’t mind walking on one to get attention – she just walks across and doesn’t lie down) and who has objected fairly strenuously to being lifted since I got her, was sitting in the kitchen today, near her food bowls, but not paying any attention to them. She was just staring up at me. (Mom, Dad, kids, sound familiar? Like Scrapper looking for the aforementioned Scrappy-Cuddles.) I finally picked her up and cuddled her, and she stayed in my arms being petted and cuddled for a good minute or so, purring, before she decided that enough was enough, and it was time to think about getting down.

Success is mine! *G*

Pick them up, give them a cuddle and a scritch just where they like it, and let them down as soon as they start to try jumping – works every time! (I just thought it was going to take a little while longer with Aspen.) So now I’ve got another cat looking to me for the occasional cuddling – feels pretty good. I miss my Scrappy-Cuddles dreadfully sometimes.

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