Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Did you know that wet ice can be much more dangerous than dry – well, non-wet – ice?

Yes, it’s another of my weather rants.

It has been pouring with rain since I left for work 4-1/2 hours ago, and has not stopped. And unfortunately, the ice (left over from the freezing rain early last week) around the school grounds – where I have to walk on my exterior patrol – has not yet melted completely. I think in the past two weeks I’ve almost slipped twice – tonight on patrol, I almost slipped (in fact, came very close to slipping) a total of about 8 to 10 times. Not fun.

On the other hand, writing isn’t going too badly. I’m almost finished the prologue of the story mentioned in my previous post – and as soon as Vathara approves it, it will be going up here for comments. Because it’s going to be rather unique in Rurouni Kenshin ficdom, I’d like opinions on it before I post to FF.Net.

Off to make myself a nice, hot drink, and then continue watching the cameras and writing…

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