White Christmas

That’s the most appropriate song for tonight, I think…

Admittedly, it’s not yet the 24th. But it’s been snowing since the afternoon (or maybe the morning – I went to bed before 10am, so I’m not entirely sure) and it’s likely the snow’s here to stay for a while…

Yes, it’s Toronto’s first ‘stay-longer-than-a-few-hours’ snowfall of the winter. The city is due 10 cms. (about 4 inches for those in Imperial), with up to 25 cms. due outside the city (thank goodness I don’t live outside!). And it’s the sticky type of snow.

Certainly makes exterior patrolling a nuisance, especially since it hasn’t stopped yet. But it wasn’t too bad…

Now I just have to stay awake and aware until I can leave at noon (yes, it’s another 12-1/2 hr. day for me today…).

Later, all!

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