Whiter Christmas…

Well, it turns out that we’re to expect up to another 5 cms. (2 inches) of snow – and 1.5-2 cms. of freezing rain. Let’s just hope the freezing rain holds off until I’m home from work – and doesn’t freeze into ice over the snow… (That would make tonight a real nightmare!)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Because I’m working Saturday (Christmas) from 11am to 11pm, my aunt and I are going back to a tradition of my younger years and I’m spending Christmas Eve from mid-afternoon onwards over at her place. It’s a tradition I’m quite fond of, and one of the things that I do miss spending Christmas in places other than Toronto.

Ah, good ol’ T.O. – I think this must be the first really white Christmas in a few years at a minimum (though I may be wrong, since I haven’t been here for XMas the past two years…).

Starting to get tired here… Still got another 4 hrs. or so to go. *sigh* Here’s hoping I can stay awake.

*Looking speculatively at the draft of Eye of the Storm, and wondering if it’s worth it to try and get some work done on it…*

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