Additional Weather Comment

Okay, we’re currently experiencing a sudden summer storm here… a very powerful sudden thunderstorm! I just opened the main entrance doors about three minutes ago, and had to get up to close them because the wind was blowing the rain in! (We’ll see how long this lasts…)

I’ve also turned the lights in my “office area” up a bit, which might help me push away some of the tiredness.

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3 thoughts on “Additional Weather Comment

  1. Not raining that hard where I am, but maybe it was earlier – who knows.

    I am actually enjoying the rain. Everything was to dry and dead; I think it needed a good soak. Maybe the rain will cool things down a bit too. I don’t remember a summer being so consistently hot.

    Good luck with the long shift. Just think of the money!

  2. *shrug* I think the storm itself stopped by 9:30, though there was still a bit of rain on and off the rest of the morning…

    Don’t know how it was after 1pm (I was zonked out in my A/Ced apartment), but it’s currently cooler outside than it has been other evenings of late, so we may have gotten lucky.

    ‘Nother long shift today/this morning, but I only have to stay until 10am (2-1/2 hours more, rather than 4-1/2). And yeah, thinking of the money definitely helps… *g*

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