Flying On A Jet Plane…

Well, I suppose an Airbus 319 is close enough…

Okay, here we go – the story of my trip from about the time I left you 9 hours ago…

The boarding pass for my flight said Gate 4. Given that last year, the pass said Gate 4B, and it ended up being Gate 4A1 (which is a floor below Gates 1-5 & 4B), at about 1:15 pm (more or less) I checked the gate with Customer Service, who confirmed that it was definitely Gate 4.

About 5 minutes later, an announcement comes over the PA system to say that flight AC 999 from San José to Toronto was leaving from Gate 4A1, as opposed to Gate 4. I had to laugh.

Turns out that we were actually leaving from Gate 4A3, but since that’s just across a small room from 4A1, the only problem were the crowds (Gate 4A1 was actually a Taca flight going to Guatemala, and Gate 4A2 was the Lacsa flight going San Salvador-Toronto).

Spent the 25-30 minutes waiting for my particular boarding call chatting to a man who was on my flight; he’d been in Costa Rica for 9 days, mostly on business that had involved also going to Belize and Guatemala. We had a pleasant conversation.

Then, when I got into my seat, I was seated next to an older couple who’d been on vacation. We got to talking about our trips, a bit of where we’d gone (they’d visited Arenal – one of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes – and actually had a clear view of the top the first morning they were there), and then got a surprise.

Turns out that they live about only two blocks south and six to eight blocks east of me!

We definitely had some turbulence, both taking off (a bit, not nearly as much as we did landing in CR) and during the flight, but it didn’t really bother me that much. (Experienced flyer here…) The flight was fairly enjoyable overall, and I actually managed to (*gasp*) get another page and a half of RuroSen written!

When we arrived at Pearson (we reached the gate at 8:45 pm), it turned out that we were actually in the main building of Terminal 1 (as opposed to the temporary building out in the middle of the runway area, which takes a 10-15 shuttle bus ride to reach), at Gate 155. Went through Customs, which took about 10 minutes or so – I was right behind the couple I’d been sitting next to – part of which was used up being entertained by the very excited dog sniffing for drugs (he was bouncing around all over the place!). Got my luggage fairly quickly (my largest suitcase came by just as I reached the carousel, so I managed to grab it quickly, and then it was another rotation and a bit to get my other suitcase), and was through the last checkpoint and out by the taxis just before 9:15 pm. Less than half an hour all told – better than my last two trips from CR! (The first one, one of my suitcases had been grabbed and moved over to the claim area in the back, so I waited at the carousel for about 40 minutes for it to show up before going to report it lost; last year, I ended up having my suitcases checked – random spot check, I suspect – before I could leave the baggage claim area.)

Got home half an hour ago, and after about 30 seconds of staring at me (Dad, you were right on the timing!) I had both cats coming up to me for attention; right now, Mitzy’s on my lap (trying to make sure that I’m not paying too much attention to the computer), and Aspen is stretched out over the back of my chair (her favourite place to be when I’m sitting there).

Well, I’m tired; going to quickly eat my dinner (the sandwich Mom packed for me), put away a few things, and then go curl up in bed. Off to breakfast/brunch/coffee tomorrow with one aunt, and then the same again with another on Friday (we’re not going all together due to scheduling difficulties), to tell them all the details and show all the pictures… *G*

RuroSen Chapter 3 will be posted tomorrow. RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade Chapter 3.4 will most likely be posted either Friday or Saturday.

Later, all!

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Almost Done…

Well, almost done this shift… Only another 10 minutes to go.

It’s been a long one… The school I work at was hosting the Fulford Debates today, and because of the fact that people were coming and going almost constantly during them, I had to stay at the desk for the first half of my shift. Added to that, it was supposed to end at 4:00pm. Note the “supposed to”. In fact, it didn’t end until after 4:30 – and then we had students trickling out for the next 1/2 hr to 45 mins… (*sigh*)

So I didn’t get to do any patrols until my shift was almost 2/3 over – and then, both the patrols I did manage to get done were interrupted by students needing access to the school to get things they’d forgotten in their lockers yesterday… (*sigh*x2)

Oh, well… almost done… I want to go home, check Aspen’s paw (it got cut yesterday), and curl up in bed…

At least tomorrow will be quiet. Just brunch, and then work at 11pm…

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Weather… & Gypsy

Well, I’ve been in Toronto for just over 48 hours (plane landed at 8:38pm Saturday)… and wouldn’t you know it, 24 hours after I arrived, we were having a snowstorm! *sigh* I’m not yet re-acclimated to this weather!

On the other hand, now that my grandmother is down there and so already knows, I can explain the interesting news that I mentioned last week…

The Goold Zoo v2.3 consists of 7 animals (I’m not counting the contents of the fishpond!): the cats Scrapper, Mouse, Thor, and No Se; and the dogs Quixote (de la Rancho), Sancho (Panza), and Misho. As of last Sunday (the 13th), Mom & Dad are now on Goold Zoo v2.4, with the addition of the female German Shepherd puppy Gypsy.

She’s an absolutely adorable little beast, particularly in the way she and Sancho have taken to each other (almost the moment he met her, Sancho became a proud adopted papa). The cocker spaniels aren’t quite as enthused about her, though by the time I left, Quixote was warming up to her, and the cats don’t understand that when she crouches down and barks at them, she’s asking them to play, but all told she’s fitting in well. (She was actually taken from her mother too early, which we only found out on Tuesday – she was five weeks old and weaned, but only just – but has adapted wonderfully. Sancho has definitely helped with that…)

I’ll be uploading pictures as soon as I get my film developed (about half or more of the two rolls I took is of the Goold Zoo), so you’ll be able to see her…

I’m missing them already (the Zoo v2.4 and my parents, as well as a few people I made friends with down there), but my version of the Goold Zoo (Mitzy and Aspen) were very pleased to see me back. Aspen’s barely stopped purring since I arrived, and Mitzy is doing the whole “not letting you out of my sight” thing – which is very irritating when I’m trying to type… *sigh*

Later, all!

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane… Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again…

Well, this is it. In a few hours, I’ll be on my way back to Toronto (and the cold and the snow – though at least it appears to be above -20C today…).

I’m really going to miss Costa Rica and the parents… (and the Goold Zoo v2.4…). *sigh*

Oh well – I imagine that Mitzy and Aspen will be very pleased to see me back (once they’ve got over their sulks).

Have to get ready to put my computer in my carry-on and leave now, so I’ll say, “Bye!” until I’m back in T.O. once again.

Cats, Weather, & Walking

Well, I ended up in a much better mood about an hour after my last entry, thanks to some fic. Good fic is a cure for a lot of things.

This is just basically a ramble… I just got home and am in a bit of weird mood.

Aspen-Cuddles are officially a success! She’s looking for them every day or two, and when I picked her up a few minutes ago to give her one of said cuddles, she started purring before I had her against my chest! In other words, she was still in the air! So pleased about that…

Weather… well, what can I say about the weather, other than the fact that it sucks? Although at least it’s actually being consistent: It snowed yesterday, and was originally supposed to be going up to 7 degrees Celsius today. (Okay, just heard that it’s supposed to now eventually go up to 8, not 7…) This morning it was snowing. *shakes head*

And I wonder why I always tend to like to walk in the winter, considering that I hate the cold as much as I hate Toronto’s summer heat? I walked the 25-minute walk to the subway station both yesterday and today, rather than taking the bus (which comes every 5-9 minutes between 7 and 8 am), which is about a 6-minute ride. (See note above concerning weather.) *shakes head again* There are times when I really don’t understand myself…

Aspen & Mitzy…

Well, we’ve had some surprising progress (by accident) between Aspen and Mitzy…

Aspen (although not a lap cat) likes to curl up on the back of my chair, while Mitzy generally curls up either in my lap, or – if I’m on the computer – right next to me, between my hip and the arm of my chair.

However, this evening, Mitzy had claimed the back of the chair before I even sat down in it. So when Aspen came up, wanting to settle up there with me, she found Mitzy already there, and ready to snap at her.

Finally, Mitzy, turned around to face the other side of the room, and ended up leaving just enough space for Aspen to jump up. It took a few minutes of disagreement and snapping at each other, but they’re currently both curled up there. Not really curled up together, just right next to each other, but it’s definitely progress in their relationship.

Edit at 11:55pm: Wow! Mitzy just turned around and laid her head against Aspen’s side! So I change my above statement – now they are curled up together!

Scrappy- & Aspen-Cuddles

Don’t know whether my family remembers how I got Scrapper – our large male cat who (at the time) disdained both laps and being lifted, and who now lives with my parents in Costa Rica and fights with Mouse and the new kittens over possession of their laps – to enjoy being picked up and hugged, but I seem to have worked my magic on Aspen as well.

Aspen, who will not settle on a lap (though she doesn’t mind walking on one to get attention – she just walks across and doesn’t lie down) and who has objected fairly strenuously to being lifted since I got her, was sitting in the kitchen today, near her food bowls, but not paying any attention to them. She was just staring up at me. (Mom, Dad, kids, sound familiar? Like Scrapper looking for the aforementioned Scrappy-Cuddles.) I finally picked her up and cuddled her, and she stayed in my arms being petted and cuddled for a good minute or so, purring, before she decided that enough was enough, and it was time to think about getting down.

Success is mine! *G*

Pick them up, give them a cuddle and a scritch just where they like it, and let them down as soon as they start to try jumping – works every time! (I just thought it was going to take a little while longer with Aspen.) So now I’ve got another cat looking to me for the occasional cuddling – feels pretty good. I miss my Scrappy-Cuddles dreadfully sometimes.

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Die Parents & Katzen

Well, the parents have visited, seen Mitzy, and met Aspen…

Seems I have no need to worry about Aspen’s reaction to guests – she was approaching Mom to greet her the minute she walked in the door, and wandering around them getting attention for their entire visit…

Well, heading off to bed now – going to dinner with the parents tonight, so I’ve got to sleep beforehand. Then it’ll be the remainder of Plan: Finish That Blasted Story Before the Deadline at work tonight…

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On The Contrary Nature of Cats…

Okay, I got home from work this afternoon, and Aspen proceeded to act true to feline nature… She licked me more than she has in the past month, and started headbutting my arm for attention. I now know not to post anything about her behaviour unless I’m certain it’s not something she’s going to change.

Heading off to bed now…

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Working Late, Parents, & Observations on Cats

Working late today, as my supervisor is off on vacation, so the rest of us are filling in when we can. Working late tomorrow as well. Definitely going to be exhausted, despite the duty not being overly onerous – 12-1/2 hours can take it out of one. Oh well – as of noon tomorrow, I’ll be enjoying my weekend, and I don’t have to work Saturday this week, so that’s a good thing… especially as I have to finish cleaning my apartment.

My parents are visiting (arrived in T.O. Tuesday night), and are coming over early Sunday afternoon – to see Mitzy and meet Aspen – so the place has to at least look neat, rather than the… ahem… mess it is now…

And speaking of my cats, I’ve found a rather interesting thing… Aspen (the new one – see CPR, AED, Cats, and Rec Pages from Nov. 13th) treats me unlike any other cat the family or I have had. Brightspot was a friend I grew up with (and am still mourning) and was very definitely my owner; to Mitzy I’m a lap, comfortable knees, and a means to get the attention that she is owed by right; and Aspen seems to regard me as a giant cat with opposable thumbs. It’s weird – she treats me exactly as though I were a cat (butting her head at my forehead to show affection – rather than a headbutt at my stomach or a hand to demand attention), giving me the same sort of treatment she gives Mitzy (though I don’t get licked nearly as much – Aspen licking me is much more rare than seeing her lick Mitzy). It makes for some interesting observations on feline behaviour. She really is an adorable little beast, who is becoming more and more affectionate faster than I had thought she would (having grown up on the streets).

CPR, AED, Cats, And Rec Pages

Just general posting here… Had to do a CPR refresher & AED training course today, for work (AED: basically the public defibrillators that are in malls, rec centres, municipal buildings, etc.). The trainer kept things interesting, and I actually didn’t mind taking time out of my day to do it.

Got home, and figured it was very definitely time to trim the cats’ claws. Mitzy was, as usual, fairly complacent about it (well, as complacent as she ever gets about my hands manipulating her paws). Aspen (the newest: two-year old stray acquired from the Toronto Humane Society on July 30th), whose last claw trimming was the week I brought her home, and took two days and four attempts, objected semi-violently to me doing her first paw. After that, however, it went surprisingly smoothly – especially considering that Aspen is not a lap cat. So I have reasonable hopes for the next time I have to do it.

I then found out that my long (most likely novel-length) Harry Potter WIP, Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift, has been added to a rec page of Snape/Harry Mentor, Guardian, Father/Son, Master/Apprentice, etc. stories, with a rating by the site owner of 5 chocolate frogs (her highest)! Found myself extremely flattered by that. If anyone’s interested, the rec page URL is Potions and Snitches, and my story is available at my Fanfiction.Net account – t.a.g.0, or directly at Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift.