Yep – It’s A White Christmas…


Bad enough we had ice on top of snow, but to have more snow on top of it? At least the snowfall seems to be easing after about two hours… well, what I can see of it through the security cameras and out the window behind my desk…

Only just over an hour and a half left of my 12 hr. shift – I’m looking forward to going home and spending the rest of the night with the cats.

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my aunt at her place, and I got some very nice pressies from everyone. Going to be calling the Newfoundland relatives up tomorrow to offer thanks to my grandmother, and express my wishes that everyone had a good Christmas…

And even being here at work for most of Christmas hasn’t been too bad. It’s always been my habit to spend Christmas afternoon relaxing with any books I manage to get, or writing… and while I haven’t exactly been doing that (while I brought one of the two books I was given to work, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – I’ve been pre-occupied with other stuff) it’s still been a fairly relaxing day.

With the exception of the exterior patrols. It’s not fun trying to watch your feet to make sure you don’t slip on the ice that’s on the ground while at the same time trying to check the second and third story windows from outside to make sure they’re all closed… But I managed it, and without any spills! *cheers*

Then got involved in a fascinating email discussion with Vathara (RK, GW, or Stargate fans might know her fics on Fanfiction.Net), going from last night to today, and now I’ve got one of those blasted RK plot bunnies in my corral! (Which is obviously going to have to be expanded – it’s starting to get a wee bit too crowded in there… Wonder if my parents’ place in Costa Rica has the metaphysical space available to provide an expansion?)

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and here’s looking forward to a Happy New Year! (Quite in advance, yes, but good wishes never hurt…)


Merry Christmas…

Just wanted to make sure I get the Christmas greetings out to everyone in time! So:

Merry Christmas and Blessings of the Season to you all!

I’m off to spend the rest of the day with my aunt for our traditional Christmas Eve visit, so have a great time, everyone!


Whiter Christmas…

Well, it turns out that we’re to expect up to another 5 cms. (2 inches) of snow – and 1.5-2 cms. of freezing rain. Let’s just hope the freezing rain holds off until I’m home from work – and doesn’t freeze into ice over the snow… (That would make tonight a real nightmare!)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Because I’m working Saturday (Christmas) from 11am to 11pm, my aunt and I are going back to a tradition of my younger years and I’m spending Christmas Eve from mid-afternoon onwards over at her place. It’s a tradition I’m quite fond of, and one of the things that I do miss spending Christmas in places other than Toronto.

Ah, good ol’ T.O. – I think this must be the first really white Christmas in a few years at a minimum (though I may be wrong, since I haven’t been here for XMas the past two years…).

Starting to get tired here… Still got another 4 hrs. or so to go. *sigh* Here’s hoping I can stay awake.

*Looking speculatively at the draft of Eye of the Storm, and wondering if it’s worth it to try and get some work done on it…*

White Christmas

That’s the most appropriate song for tonight, I think…

Admittedly, it’s not yet the 24th. But it’s been snowing since the afternoon (or maybe the morning – I went to bed before 10am, so I’m not entirely sure) and it’s likely the snow’s here to stay for a while…

Yes, it’s Toronto’s first ‘stay-longer-than-a-few-hours’ snowfall of the winter. The city is due 10 cms. (about 4 inches for those in Imperial), with up to 25 cms. due outside the city (thank goodness I don’t live outside!). And it’s the sticky type of snow.

Certainly makes exterior patrolling a nuisance, especially since it hasn’t stopped yet. But it wasn’t too bad…

Now I just have to stay awake and aware until I can leave at noon (yes, it’s another 12-1/2 hr. day for me today…).

Later, all!