#CampNaNoWriMo April 2015: Not A Winner….

So. It seems this was not a good month for writing for me. My concentration has been shot most of the month, and I’ve written less than 4,000 words of There Be Dragons. Definitely not enough to win, even when I lowered my word count goal to 20K words.

On the other hand, I always count any writing done during NaNo or Camp NaNo as at least a partial success. As is often mentioned at the end of the month, at least there’s however many words more written than you had at the start of the month!

Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with There Be Dragons at the moment; I suspect that at the very least, I’m going to let it sleep for a few weeks while I try to get rid of the brain fog I’ve been in most of the month. With any luck, May will be better – I’ll likely be at least somewhat more active, for one thing, now that the weather is finally starting to warm up here. (Not that you’d know it from the drizzle and wind today, but….)

If nothing else, I suspect I’ll get back to work on TBD for July’s CampNaNo. 🙂

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#NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 8, Weekly Report

And yes, I am including the weather in this weekly report, because it’s been weird all day. The sun’s been shining – well, it was until we were well into the meetup, stopped sometime between 15:00 and 16:00 hrs, I think – but the sky has been stormy. While I was walking from the Elaine Dobbin Centre (I have Social Club there on Saturdays… kind of meh, but I’m hoping it will perk up a bit as we start to have outings next week) to the MUN University Centre where we were having the meet-up, the sun was shining brightly as rain was hitting me hard enough to sound almost like hail or heavy snow. (Which it wasn’t, thank goodness.) Even saw a rainbow!

The meetup was fun, and I got to see several familiar faces, and meet someone new. Chatting happened about word count, Disney movies, “How to Train Your Dragon 2” (it was highly recommended by those who have seen it), battle scenes, character names, unusual aspects to characters, etc. Lots of stuff. (Oh, and frogs. There was a fair bit of discussion about frogs. ;))

Also found out about a neat little Asian store that’s right around the corner from The Loft in the MUN University Centre – have now had my first taste of mochi! They also sell pocky (marked up, admittedly), and canned coffee. And all sorts of Asian (not just Japanese) treats, and spices, and just general ingredients. I like! 🙂

Now, on to talking about my writing….

Ended up skipping around a bit in the story today, because the scene I was working on (linearly speaking) wasn’t gelling too well (partly because of the persistent headache). So I’ve done some work on the next scene, and a scene that’s another chapter away. *wry grin* Actually, as some of the themes in those scenes are connected (secrets and revealing them), it turns out to be working reasonably well for the moment.

Also had headache today, so didn’t make my usual 3.3K+. I did make 1.9K words, though, which brought me up to 27.4K words in total. Yay me!

And where I’ve stopped in the scenes is good as well – explosions coming tomorrow! 🙂 (Well, not literal ones. I don’t think. Heh.)

‘Later all!

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Weekly Update – Friday Sept. 16/11

Well, it’s been an exciting and surprising quick week for me this week. Third week of training for work (three more to go, and we’re down to six people, from eight), and we had our first weekly assessment on Tuesday. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and the whole class passed. I was the only one to get 100%, so that was a nice bit.

Imber’s been getting braver; she’s starting to go up to the den on her own, rather than waiting for me to coax her. Sancho (the mutt) chased Imber on Wednesday when she had gone up there. *sighs* Imber also has it out for Mouse; for some reason, she seems to dislike Mouse intensely.

In terms of physical health, I seem to be doing well overall. I suspect I’ve lost a bit more weight over the last week, though I don’t have a scale to confirm that. I’ve also felt more energy (especially Tuesday and Wednesday!), so clearly the iron pills are working. Only thing really bothering me (in part because Sykes is a scent-free workplace) is my buggered up right knee and the occasional headache (note that they’re not as frequent). I plan to go to physio for my knee – the doctor’s given me a referral – I’m just waiting for my health insurance to kick in. (Not until 3 months at work, unfortunately!)

Speaking of insurance, I have got on the NLPDP (Newf & Labrador Prescription Drug Plan) but they won’t shell out at all for my anti-depressant (which is one of the two drugs that costs a few hundred dollars for 2-3 months’ worth). They’ll do it if used for neuropathic pain in diabetic patients, but not as an anti-depressant. *sigh*

However, in terms of mental and emotional health… well, honestly, I’m doing a lot better than I have been in a while. One of the reasons I was so pumped up Tuesday and Wednesday was the fact that… well, first of all, the assessment test at work. Secondly, Tuesday night was my first meeting of the Adult Aspergers Support Group – and it went wonderfully. It was… I don’t know how to describe it in short form. It was like meeting someone you’ve known for ages without realizing it. It was seriously relaxing. So I was right bouncy Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other than that… well, we’re suffering the ravages of the approaching Hurricane Maria right now. It made landfall at St. Mary’s Bay at 3:30 our time, and Mom figures it’ll hit here within the half hour (it’s currently ten to five here). The winds following it, though, are due to be the worst of it. Steady winds of 95 km/h with gusts of up to 130 km/h, and the soil here has been softened by the rain we’ve been receiving since the middle of last night (though not as much as they were predicting, because apparently the hurricane is travelling north faster than they thought, and the faster it is, the less rain it drops on the areas it goes over), so there’s concern about the trees. That’s why I’m sending this so early, so that if the power does go out, at least you’ll have received my update on time. It’s fairly important to me to make this as regular as possible.

Anyway, that was my week. How have you been? I very eagerly await the news from you.

‘Later all,
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Apologies & General Update

Jeez, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything! (*checks date of last post*) Yep – a month and a week, in fact. *sighs*

First of all, my apologies – other things have kept me distracted.

First there was finishing my Airwolf story (yes, the one mentioned in the previous two posts) and submitting it to my fellow Blackflies. It’s been accepted, so will definitely be appearing in our zine Horizontal Mosaic: Vol. 12, debuting Sept. 29th. Just waiting for the edits to come back so it gets finalized (while doing my own edits for all the other submissions – we’re popular!).

Then Toronto decided to have a week of tropical – or, at the very least, near-tropical – summer. The humidex that Tuesday reached 47°C (116.6°F)! ARGH! Have I mentioned how much I hate Toronto summers? I’m sure I have…. (The good news is that for the past week, the evenings/overnights have been reasonably mild to cool, and since that’s when I work, I’m happy.)

Then, I spent the next week trying to recover from that week – and the week after that recovering from the weekend between them, when I couldn’t get more than 4-5 hours of sleep at a stretch – at most. Fairly unpleasant one, that. At least last weekend was better.

In other words, I haven’t written anything since I finished the Airwolf story (Something to Live For, Stringfellow Hawke/Michael Archangel, by Bardd).

But there was some good news in there.

One of my best friends (Loui, with whom I form the TwinTorment team of Mischief and Mayhem) is coming for a visit in October! Her flights are all booked (let’s just hope some of this mess regarding carry-on baggage gets dealt with before then, given she’s coming from the UK), and we’re starting to make our plans… I am so looking forward to it!

And just before I sign off – I will be posting (finally) Part 4.3 of RuroBatt/Edge of the Blade by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Later, all!

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The Three “H”s

Well, had a wonderful time at MediaWest*Con (will write more about that later – tonight or tomorrow morning), and then arrived home Monday evening.

And boy, what a Monday it was!

We got a call from the husband of one of the Blackflies (the friends I went with) Monday morning (around 8:15 am or so) to say that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission – the subways & buses) was on a wildcat strike. This was very definitely bad news. Not only do I need the TTC to get to work, but so do a lot of other people; and with them on strike, the traffic around Toronto would be crazy all day. (We were aiming to leave Lansing at noon, and get back to Toronto probably about 8 or 9 Monday night, depending on how long we stopped for lunch.)

Luckily, we found out shortly after we passed the border at Sarnia (which was nice and quick) that the TTC had gone back to work in the afternoon. But people here are not happy.

And then we come to the other part of the problem.

Toronto’s summer has hit. Which means the three “H”s are in effect: Heat, Humidity, and Haze. Yesterday we had a high of about 33°C (91.5°F), with a bumidex of close to 39°C (102.2°F). Today, the high is due to be 30°C (86°F) with a humidex of 40°C (104°F). Never, ever let anyone suggest to you that Canadian (particularly southern Canadian) summers are cool.

*sigh* I hate the heat. I get headaches, and a nasty rash on my palms and the inside of my arms (and, if it’s really bad, the inside of my legs) that makes them swell and itch. I hate Toronto summers…. [/rant]

Well, going to see about getting some work done (at last!) on Eye of the Storm and ravenstormfire‘s EFC vignette….

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Coming Soon…

As promised, I will be posting Chapter 2.3 of RuroBatt sometime later today (most likely this afternoon, as I may go to see “Sky High” beforehand). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to write much more of Chapter 3 this week, because Kenshin and Saitô came up with a new (weird) idea they decided to try out, probably due to my exhaustion from the unexpected two longer shifts I had this week. And since Vathara likes it, and the two characters are getting a kick out of it, it seems I’ve added another RuroKen story to my “Works-In-Progress” collection… (It also means, unfortunately, that I haven’t got Chp. 1 of Correspondence, the sequel to my Harry Potter HBP story Missives, finished yet.)

The good news is that the rain we had on Wednesday morning managed to cool the temperature (mainly by reducing the humidex) down to a more livable level for Wednesday and yesterday (I was almost shivering while doing my outside patrol yesterday morning! It’s great! *G*), so I’ve even been able to turn off my A/C and open the windows to air out my apartment (and keep the cats happy). Fun, fun, fun! Been quite pleased about that.

Anyway, off to get some more work done… Later, all!

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Additional Weather Comment

Okay, we’re currently experiencing a sudden summer storm here… a very powerful sudden thunderstorm! I just opened the main entrance doors about three minutes ago, and had to get up to close them because the wind was blowing the rain in! (We’ll see how long this lasts…)

I’ve also turned the lights in my “office area” up a bit, which might help me push away some of the tiredness.

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Safe & Sound…

Well, I arrived back safe and sound Sunday morning, in time to go to brunch with my aunts here in Toronto. Got home, and crashed until a couple of hours before work.

Somehow, while I was gone, Toronto had its spring and jumped straight to summer. My sister was saying Sunday morning (it was at least 28C, and the humidity made it even worse) that it wasn’t late enough yet in the year for the nights to be hot enough to cause a problem for me at work (my uniform for the school year is a long-sleeve shirt and black pants). Well, she was wrong about that… at 9pm here, the temperature was 26C and the humindex was 29C… Luckily, we’ve been given permission to wear the polo/golf (short-sleeve) shirts that are part of our summer uniform, so tonight should hopefully be better than last night (as I didn’t know before I left for work that I could wear the short-sleeve shirt).

Emotionally… I’d have to say in some ways, I’m still numb/coping. *sigh* It’s going to take a while.

What Time Is It?

Time for another of tag’s weather rants!

Well, I assume most people have heard the saying that’s supposed to apply to March: “In like a lamb, out like a lion”? Unfortunately, I suspect that Canada’s (and Toronto’s in particular) weather systems have never heard it, because there are very few years I can remember that actually happening. And this definitely isn’t going to be one of them, considering that we’re currently experiencing a snowstorm…

*sigh* Oh, well… I can’t exactly do anything to change the weather (unfortunately), and I can’t go back to Costa Rica yet, so I’m just going to have to put up with it.

Now that that’s over with… In terms of fic, I haven’t been doing that much lately, I’m afraid (got the first 19 YYH DVDs two days after I got home from Costa Rica, and have been preoccupied with watching them), but I’m hoping to get back to work on them this week. Especially as I really need to get through Eye of the Storm and on to the sequel… (I’m going to be so ashamed at MediaWest this year, but there’s no way at this point that I’m going to be able to finish EotS and the sequel in time to get Dreams, Memories & Truths Vol. II published for May…)

Cute meme…

Weather… & Gypsy

Well, I’ve been in Toronto for just over 48 hours (plane landed at 8:38pm Saturday)… and wouldn’t you know it, 24 hours after I arrived, we were having a snowstorm! *sigh* I’m not yet re-acclimated to this weather!

On the other hand, now that my grandmother is down there and so already knows, I can explain the interesting news that I mentioned last week…

The Goold Zoo v2.3 consists of 7 animals (I’m not counting the contents of the fishpond!): the cats Scrapper, Mouse, Thor, and No Se; and the dogs Quixote (de la Rancho), Sancho (Panza), and Misho. As of last Sunday (the 13th), Mom & Dad are now on Goold Zoo v2.4, with the addition of the female German Shepherd puppy Gypsy.

She’s an absolutely adorable little beast, particularly in the way she and Sancho have taken to each other (almost the moment he met her, Sancho became a proud adopted papa). The cocker spaniels aren’t quite as enthused about her, though by the time I left, Quixote was warming up to her, and the cats don’t understand that when she crouches down and barks at them, she’s asking them to play, but all told she’s fitting in well. (She was actually taken from her mother too early, which we only found out on Tuesday – she was five weeks old and weaned, but only just – but has adapted wonderfully. Sancho has definitely helped with that…)

I’ll be uploading pictures as soon as I get my film developed (about half or more of the two rolls I took is of the Goold Zoo), so you’ll be able to see her…

I’m missing them already (the Zoo v2.4 and my parents, as well as a few people I made friends with down there), but my version of the Goold Zoo (Mitzy and Aspen) were very pleased to see me back. Aspen’s barely stopped purring since I arrived, and Mitzy is doing the whole “not letting you out of my sight” thing – which is very irritating when I’m trying to type… *sigh*

Later, all!

Hello From Costa Rica…

Well, I made it! I am now here in Costa Rica, watching the beginning of a lovely sunset from my parents’ study window, having met the new members of the Goold Zoo v2.3, and greeted the old ones (and got my Scrappy-Cuddles in! He was delighted to see me…).

Won’t be online as often while I’m down here (each call costs, plus time costs), but I will be on every couple of days at the very least.

It’s so lovely and warm here… even Mom & Dad’s place, which is cooler than San José (which was actually 20C when I arrived, at 1:15pm local time, not 27C). Just what I need, I think, to de-stress. And I’ve got two weeks of it… *smiles dreamily*

Hoping to get quite a bit of writing done while I’m here. Last time I was in Costa Rica, I wrote quite a bit of HP fic, including the beginning of Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift. This time, I hope to work on RuroBatt, Eye of the Storm, Harry Potter and the Sensitive’s Gift, another RuroKen story that Kenshin and Saitô have shoved down the connection between my brain and the infamous Plot Bunny Corral, and one of my original stories. But the primary purpose in being here is to enjoy time with my parents, relax, and de-stress, so those have priority.

Later, all!

RuroBatt, TMJ/Weather. & OK, What Planet Are Our IT Guys From?!

First things first – the update on Rurouni Battôsai:

I will be re-posting a revised version of the prologue within the next few days; I’ve made several small/subtle changes to it that are nonetheless important for what follows (after I discovered that the last scene of Chp. 1 had some… ‘problems’…). With any luck, the beginning of Chp. 1 should follow soon afterwards.

Okay, next it’s time for the first of my rants – [CENSORED] TMJ, migraines, and the weather… (Complaining here means that I tend to complain less out loud, which is all to the good, because it also reduces the self-pity factor.)

Migraine has been in existence since last Tuesday night. It seemed to be getting all right Sunday – but then when I woke up Sunday night to go to work, it started with the negative effects on my stomach (not fun). It’s not that I feel that I’m about to throw up, it’s more a semi-mild queasiness, but that reduces my appetite and my energy enough that it makes everything feel worse. So tonight I’m going to try Egyptian Liquorice tea – it’s worked to help settle my stomach before, and I’m hoping it’ll help again. Certainly better than regular tea, which – although the caffeine seems to help with the pain from the migraine – requires milk to be palatable.

What makes tonight worse is the weather. It’s currently about -19C actual temperature-wise – with the windchill, that’s down to -31C. While it’s not as bad as out on the Prairies (*shivers and waves at chiruken*), it’s still quite nasty; and as mentioned below, my type of TMJ (there are two main types, accident & osteo-arthritis, with ‘accident’ having two sub-types) is the osteo-arthritis type. Cold is bad for arthritis. And it doesn’t help that to try to keep warm, I’ve got two layers (my hat flaps and my hood) on over the joint, because that puts pressure on it, and considering that’s what the majority of the pain directly at the joint feels like… Well, I’m sure you get the picture. *sigh* Okay, this rant is now over.

On to the stupidities of IT…

As the subject says, I would really like to know what planet our IT guys come from.

Our (Security’s) computer at work has always had the occasional problem, but last week it was slowed down so badly that it was causing serious problems with part of doing our job. So me being the at least semi-technical savvy person that I am, I went into the Task Manager (yes, *sigh*, we have to use Windoze at work) and checked the processes and the performance ratings – only to find that the CPU was working at 100% capacity, and – are you ready for it? – there were two (count ’em, TWO) copies of Windows running. So, of course, I call down to IT and leave them a message, and let my supervisor know what I found out when she comes in in the morning.

Get to work Sunday night, read through the log book, and blink at the entry concerning the computer. Re-read it. No change. Re-read a third time to be certain.

Apparently (this is what the IT guys said), the computer has a virus that occurred at installation because Windows wasn’t installed properly. As a result, we have to get a new computer.


My immediate reaction to this? Worst-case scenario: copy the documents and data to a CD, or to the server, re-format the hard drive, and re-install Windows. But no, we have to get a completely new computer.

*shakes head and sighs*

I don’t think much of our IT department – and this has sent my opinion plummeting down to the basement.

Anyway, to those who have managed to read this far – I count myself amazed. Wasn’t sure my rants were that interesting…

Hope everyone’s having a good day…

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning…

Despite the fact that it’s rather cloudly out, it’s actually a beautiful day today in T.O. It’s 2C, supposedly feels like -2C, but the feeling of the day is like that of a day in early spring – late March or early April – when the snow’s in the process of melting and trees are starting to put out buds…

Not that that’s happening – except for the snow & ice melting – but that’s what it feels like. A good omen for the New Year, I’d say.

*makes cute-lil-puddy-tat-eyes at everyone* Please read the prologue to my new Rurouni Kenshin story (just below) and review… Please? (*g*) I’m going to be working on Chp. 1 today…

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Weather & RK Story continued…

Well, it’s still raining. And despite what the Weather Network says, I wouldn’t call it a “light rain”.

On the plus side, it’s about 8C… (approx. 64F).

Onto chatting about my latest obsession – the red-furred, amber-eyed Plot Bunny who has taken over my creative faculties…

I was checking out some information for said story online – mainly about the Shinsengumi (I needed Okita’s first name – which it turns out is Souji or Soushi), and found a link for the Wikipedia info on the Shinsengumi, which also included a link to details about Saitou Hajime. Making the assumption that the information on there is correct, Watsuki (the author of “Rurouni Kenshin”) seems to have used accurate historical facts – including Saitou’s alias while working with the police. Quite interesting.

Edited 08:26: Forgot to mention this with regards to the Shinsengumi: apparently, calling them ‘Wolves of Mibu’ was an insult, based on the behaviour of some of the original captains that the people of Kyoto found unacceptable.

And it looks like I’m definitely going to finish the prologue this morning before I head to bed.

Later, all!

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Did you know that wet ice can be much more dangerous than dry – well, non-wet – ice?

Yes, it’s another of my weather rants.

It has been pouring with rain since I left for work 4-1/2 hours ago, and has not stopped. And unfortunately, the ice (left over from the freezing rain early last week) around the school grounds – where I have to walk on my exterior patrol – has not yet melted completely. I think in the past two weeks I’ve almost slipped twice – tonight on patrol, I almost slipped (in fact, came very close to slipping) a total of about 8 to 10 times. Not fun.

On the other hand, writing isn’t going too badly. I’m almost finished the prologue of the story mentioned in my previous post – and as soon as Vathara approves it, it will be going up here for comments. Because it’s going to be rather unique in Rurouni Kenshin ficdom, I’d like opinions on it before I post to FF.Net.

Off to make myself a nice, hot drink, and then continue watching the cameras and writing…

Yep – It’s A White Christmas…


Bad enough we had ice on top of snow, but to have more snow on top of it? At least the snowfall seems to be easing after about two hours… well, what I can see of it through the security cameras and out the window behind my desk…

Only just over an hour and a half left of my 12 hr. shift – I’m looking forward to going home and spending the rest of the night with the cats.

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my aunt at her place, and I got some very nice pressies from everyone. Going to be calling the Newfoundland relatives up tomorrow to offer thanks to my grandmother, and express my wishes that everyone had a good Christmas…

And even being here at work for most of Christmas hasn’t been too bad. It’s always been my habit to spend Christmas afternoon relaxing with any books I manage to get, or writing… and while I haven’t exactly been doing that (while I brought one of the two books I was given to work, I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet – I’ve been pre-occupied with other stuff) it’s still been a fairly relaxing day.

With the exception of the exterior patrols. It’s not fun trying to watch your feet to make sure you don’t slip on the ice that’s on the ground while at the same time trying to check the second and third story windows from outside to make sure they’re all closed… But I managed it, and without any spills! *cheers*

Then got involved in a fascinating email discussion with Vathara (RK, GW, or Stargate fans might know her fics on Fanfiction.Net), going from last night to today, and now I’ve got one of those blasted RK plot bunnies in my corral! (Which is obviously going to have to be expanded – it’s starting to get a wee bit too crowded in there… Wonder if my parents’ place in Costa Rica has the metaphysical space available to provide an expansion?)

Anyway, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and here’s looking forward to a Happy New Year! (Quite in advance, yes, but good wishes never hurt…)


Whiter Christmas…

Well, it turns out that we’re to expect up to another 5 cms. (2 inches) of snow – and 1.5-2 cms. of freezing rain. Let’s just hope the freezing rain holds off until I’m home from work – and doesn’t freeze into ice over the snow… (That would make tonight a real nightmare!)

Looking forward to tomorrow. Because I’m working Saturday (Christmas) from 11am to 11pm, my aunt and I are going back to a tradition of my younger years and I’m spending Christmas Eve from mid-afternoon onwards over at her place. It’s a tradition I’m quite fond of, and one of the things that I do miss spending Christmas in places other than Toronto.

Ah, good ol’ T.O. – I think this must be the first really white Christmas in a few years at a minimum (though I may be wrong, since I haven’t been here for XMas the past two years…).

Starting to get tired here… Still got another 4 hrs. or so to go. *sigh* Here’s hoping I can stay awake.

*Looking speculatively at the draft of Eye of the Storm, and wondering if it’s worth it to try and get some work done on it…*

White Christmas

That’s the most appropriate song for tonight, I think…

Admittedly, it’s not yet the 24th. But it’s been snowing since the afternoon (or maybe the morning – I went to bed before 10am, so I’m not entirely sure) and it’s likely the snow’s here to stay for a while…

Yes, it’s Toronto’s first ‘stay-longer-than-a-few-hours’ snowfall of the winter. The city is due 10 cms. (about 4 inches for those in Imperial), with up to 25 cms. due outside the city (thank goodness I don’t live outside!). And it’s the sticky type of snow.

Certainly makes exterior patrolling a nuisance, especially since it hasn’t stopped yet. But it wasn’t too bad…

Now I just have to stay awake and aware until I can leave at noon (yes, it’s another 12-1/2 hr. day for me today…).

Later, all!

Laughter Is The Best Medicine…

Well, looks like Mom found something to cheer me up so I wouldn’t be thinking so much about the fact that it was -36C out last night at work, and even when I left work, it was still -34C (note: This is with wind-chill), and it’s not due to be that much better tonight. Looking forward to tomorrow, which at the moment is due to have a high of 2C.

I was trying to read this out loud to Mitzy and Aspen, and got to #13 before I couldn’t continue for laughing so hard…

Feline-lovers – and feline-haters – take a look!

Cats, Weather, & Walking

Well, I ended up in a much better mood about an hour after my last entry, thanks to some fic. Good fic is a cure for a lot of things.

This is just basically a ramble… I just got home and am in a bit of weird mood.

Aspen-Cuddles are officially a success! She’s looking for them every day or two, and when I picked her up a few minutes ago to give her one of said cuddles, she started purring before I had her against my chest! In other words, she was still in the air! So pleased about that…

Weather… well, what can I say about the weather, other than the fact that it sucks? Although at least it’s actually being consistent: It snowed yesterday, and was originally supposed to be going up to 7 degrees Celsius today. (Okay, just heard that it’s supposed to now eventually go up to 8, not 7…) This morning it was snowing. *shakes head*

And I wonder why I always tend to like to walk in the winter, considering that I hate the cold as much as I hate Toronto’s summer heat? I walked the 25-minute walk to the subway station both yesterday and today, rather than taking the bus (which comes every 5-9 minutes between 7 and 8 am), which is about a 6-minute ride. (See note above concerning weather.) *shakes head again* There are times when I really don’t understand myself…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

…Toronto’s weather is weird. See some of my rants below about the winter cold… and then consider the fact that we’re apparently due to have a high of 14C (approx. 57.2F for those poor souls not on the metric system *G*) today. *sigh* Well, at least that will give me a chance to air my place out. And hopefully the boilers at work will be turned off – it’s awfully hot here at the moment with them on.

Well, I’ll catch everyone later, with either a rant about Canada Post, or comments about how relieved I am…

More on Books & Weather

Get the weather rant over and done with quickly: It’s getting colder! *Wail*

Re the book: Finished The Fairy Godmother on the way home from work. I was right – wonderful, engaging book. It even has a small Q&A with Misty Lackey at the back.

Lovely story. It’s a fantasy-romance; but unlike a few others I’ve read, where the romance plot is the main storyline, and it seems the fantasy element has just been thrown in to try to increase the appeal, The Fairy Godmother is a real fantasy (written by Mercedes Lackey, how could it be otherwise?) that just happens to also be a romance (PG-17/R-rated for het lemon, I’d say).

And now that I’ve finished, I’ve giving it an even stronger recommendation. If you like fairytales, Mercedes Lackey’s books, and/or romance with strong women (who don’t suddenly become weak and let the hero handle it all), I’d say there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy this.

Title: The Fairy Godmother
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Publisher: Luna

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More Wacky Weather & Books

Well, the weather’s definitely wacky – was reasonably balmy this past night (all to the good when I’ve got to be outside doing patrols). Didn’t even need gloves or a scarf – and this was after midnight!

Picked up a copy of Mercedes Lackey’s new novel The Fairy Godmother yesterday morning… Almost finished reading it. It’s proving to be quite an interesting and entertaining read, quite different from her Elemental Masters series (though both contain fairytale elements, romance and magic). Very engaging characters and some delightful twists on various fairytales. Highly recommended. And the perfect antidote to the technical problems being encountered at work… (Note: Current Mood is determined by said technical problems.)

How Clear The Night…

Answer: Very clear. Could see the stars (Orion in particular) and the space station very clearly tonight. It’s one of those very cold times when the sky is mostly clear (just a few wisps of clouds) and everything seems sharp-edged and bright. Beautiful… except, of course, for the temperature. That could definitely be better.

Well, rather than turn this into another rant about the weather, just going to say that yes, the sky looks absolutely beautiful tonight. Even the city lights don’t manage to obscure everything.

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Winter, Definitely

Well, it is very definitely winter here now – windchill temperatures have reached below 0 (Celsius). Gods, I’m not looking forward to going on patrol outside tonight…

Mom & Dad, if you’re reading this, you’d better have brought up warm clothes…


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Wacky, Wacky Weather…

Well, Toronto’s living up to its reputation for weird weather today. It’s currently sunny with a few dark clouds, but over the past 8 hours, it’s been 1) dark clouds everywhere with a bit of sunshine coming from somewhere; 2) raining or wet snowfall; 3) windy as all get out (as in howling past my 4th floor window); 4) sunny, bright blue sky, practically cloudless. Each of them more than once.

If Mom & Dad are reading this, I sure hope you’re prepared for the weather…

Later, all!

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Jack Frost nipping at your nose…

Well, it seems that after a cool summer and weird autumn, winter is finally here in Toronto (not that that’s a good thing, mind you!). Frosty, cold weather everywhere… ugh! At least we haven’t had snow (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood).

Think I managed to see the space station while on my exterior patrol tonight… It definitely wasn’t a star, and it wasn’t moving, and I think I could vaguely see two of the arms… yeah, it’s a surprisingly clear night tonight.


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